Friday, April 11, 2008

Culiary exploration

I have been venturing out a bit in search of some serious new healthy and flavorful dinners. My first try, which was a triumph if I can say that, was a dish called Chicken Tangine. I think this is reminiscent of a Mediterranean or Indian dish. I was able to use my favorite device- the CrockPot- which is probably infusing everything I cook with lead- so that gives this recipe even more points. It has chicken, butternut squash, raisins, garbanzo beans and a bunch of spices I had to go buy. It was delicious- or as Abbie says "licious" I served it over couscous and it was a hit.

Today I am using the crockpot as an adaptation to another recipe "South African Curry Beef" it smells great, but when I was tasting it (that is what every great chef does) i nearly singed my lips off from the spice. Luckily I have consulted my sister-in-law who is my curry expert as to a few methods of cooling it down. I will let you now how it all comes out.

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JoDee said...

Bummer I missed out on this one - I was looking forward to it. I came home and raved to Brandon about your Chicken Noodle Soup ... mmm... I came home and made caramel popcorn inspired by your bodywash ... mmmmm.... caramel corn.....