Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wardrobe Dillema

So, I have heard that it is not appropriate to wear white after labor day. But I also heard from our local fashion expert (on good things utah) that we could wear white- but not pants- until the end of September. So here it is October 1st and I am officially packing away my white, and summer clothes. Can it really hoody time? I am an avid collector and lover of hoodies (especially the new one from Modbe, you can contact my friend Anne about that) but can it really be time for that? I swear, it must be like 75 degrees today! That is awesome! if I had it my way, it would be 75 degrees all the time, but I digress. So, it is too hot for hoodies and sweaters, too cold for capris- and probably out of season, and short sleeves... not the morning. Yikes! what am I to do?

As I am packing, I am sad to say goodbye to my favorite spring/summer accessory, aside from flip-flops that never should be put away, my white purse. I was tenative at the first to dive into the white purse waters... but now I am hooked! I adore the colored and trendy purses. White seemed a little to out there for me, but it was great, we had a good run. I do feel strange carrying it around when I am wearing a hoody ( and sweating in it). So, to my favorite white purse I say Adieu and farewell.

Is it time for boots yet???


Anne said...

well, you can totally wear your white hoodie from modbe. afterall, it is a winter white- not a summer white- color. second, i start wearing boots sept. 15th. that just seems like the perfect time to start, for me anyway. so break out your boots, your white hoodie and your sassy new fall bag. work it girl. you may get free hashbrowns. ;)

Jessie said...

Fashion is a mystery to me. I thought it was just no white shoes after labor day. I think I'm in trouble if there's more to it. Nicole, I dub you "fashion reminder". Please, help those of us who are clueless. I may never where the "must-have" boots, but I'm on board with hoodies.

Trish in Texas said...

It's 90 here and still feels like summer. I won't be obeying any fall rules until it actually feels like fall! I think it might be about time you and Dan came to visit us!

Trish in Texas said...

I don't have your email address. Wait, do I? Either way, will you tell Dan we have mailed a check for Ron's gift?

Just dandee said...

I am totally all for hoodies too. In fact my very favorite attire is a great pair of comfy jeans, a big cozy hoodie and flip flops... yes flip flops! I don't really care too much about fashion do's and don'ts. I am all about the comfort.

Jessie said...

Oh, and happy birthday to Dan a couple days ago. I meant to email him, but alas, I forgot. So, now the whole world knows. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD MAN!