Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!

Nicole's Spring Break Top 10

1. Riding a Zip Line 200 feet long and 300 feet above the ground through the jungle of Belize.
2. Swimming in a Mexican Cenote (underground caves filled with clear water)
3. Driving a beat up Jeep with my posse and getting whistled at by Mexican construction workers.
4. Getting a 60 min massage on the beach for $20!

5. Eating delicious food anytime I wanted.
6. Spending some quality time with my hubby of 10 years.
7. Playing dress-up with my BFFs

8. Riding the water slide on top of the ship while going 17 knots in the Caribbean.
9. Scuba diving in the Bahamas- we saw about a dozen Lion fish.

10. Going to dinner with Nacho Libre

11. Doing all these awesome things with awesome people while wearing awesome shoes. Keens rock. (another post another time.)Other great highlights...

We spent a great day in Costa Maya enjoying the beach, yummy guacamole and doing some serious shopping for my recuerdos (souvenirs).

My favorite recuerdo- a true Mexican Sombrero in the colors of the Mexican flag.

We got a "bonus" excursion when we missed our connecting flight in Washington DC and had to stay the night. We rented a van, piled in and visited some of the memorials on the Mall. It was a cold and rainy night that was full of adventure!

When I look back at these pictures I am still amazed that we actually took this vacation! it was one of those things that had been an "idea" for nearly a year and here we are! We did it!


Anne said...

aaaahhhhhh-love your pics! let's go back!!

JoDee said...

Man, looks like an absolute blast. And you got "closure" with that blasted zipline adventure. :) I'm so glad you guys were able to make it happen! Wanna' do it again in a couple years? Maybe...Spring 2011?

Jessie said...

Wow, Belize AND Mexico AND a waterslide AND a zipline (the ANDs keep going)! That looks awesome, including the shoes. I'm in the market for new sandals, and I've had my eye on keens in past years. Perhaps this is the year. I never did find my Chacos comfy.

I'm tempted to wonder if you just made up that fabulous vacation - but I'll trust you and say: woo hoo! Ten years and a big, giant trip. That rules!

Whirl Winds said...

That's it, I'm moving back to Utah to live next door to you so I can be an BFF too! I want to go to Mexico!