Thursday, October 21, 2010

for the love of Graham Crackers

So, this is Charlotte's favorite new snack, and my new favorite thing to entertain her while I work on the computer. One 1/4 of a cracker usually can take her 5 minutes to eat giving me 5 minutes to play. I am only interrupted by occasional gagging when she shoves them in too far. I have perfectly placed the high chair right next to the computer.

She ends up pretty messy, but it is soooo worth it.

This is an excellent example of super parenting. ha ha ha


Jessie said...

Ah. I needed these pictures. Man, she IS cute (as if I doubted you)!

My 15-mos-old is obsessed with crackers. We wish they made them with protein and vitamins. Meals would be a cinch!

JoDee said...

What a little cutie...I wonder how long I could keep Ben occupied...hmmm...

Whirl Winds said...

First of all she's a doll. 2nd, I'm the worst friend. When I got your message on the phone I was already in Oregon and then it was Christmas and I totally forgot you called. BUT, that does not mean I didn't totally want to see you. We will be moving in a few months some place back west so we will definitely (if you don't hate me) have to get together.