Monday, June 23, 2008

Livin la Vida

last Saturday we went to the Farmers Market in SLC. It was a beautiful day and it was a fun adventure with the kids. We love to see all the handmade art, hear the music and taste the delicious treats from all the vendors. Of course Dan and girls chose a snowie, and I indulged in a fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade the size of a bathtub. We listened to some Mexican singers that were dressed in robes and had flags and lots of sashes and medals. Reagan kept asking questions trying to figure it out. She asked if they were the people who fight for our country's freedom, or if they were the presidents of Mexico. It was pretty cute.

After the market we went to the planetarium to see a 3D movie. On the way we passed a huge air vent and Abbie climbed up to feel the wind and as her dress was blowing she held out her arms and said "I'm flying!" again, pretty cute. Then of course we all had to give it a try. And so it goes, another easy, fun, relaxing weekend in the sun. Can it get any better!?


Buffy said...

So, so cute! The farmer's market sounds so fun. I have been wanting to go to ours here in Idaho Falls but either forget on Saturday mornings or we are gone. I have written it on my calendar and this Saturday I am going no matter what!! Kade liked looking at the pictures on your blog. Ah, summer! I love it!

JoDee said...

You guys do such a great job of going and making fun family days for yourselves and the girls! What a fun idea. I love your pictures!