Monday, June 30, 2008

The Mountain Green Experience

These are some pictures from Trappers Loop which is basically in my back yard. How's that for a view.

Living in Mtn. Green has some amazing perks. This spring we have had some serious and in depth nature lessons. We learn about pokey bushes, moose that stomp on dogs, deer that like midnight snacks, birds that have choir practice at 5 am , and how loud one lonely cricket can be when he is inside your house. We have really loved living in our own piece of the mountains. We were especially delighted to see a mama robin building a nest right outside our sliding door. Grandpa wanted to knock it down but Reagan asked to "please give them a chance" he gave in but made her promise to clean up all the poop. Well, just a few weeks later, we saw little beaks peeking out and then just about a week later we saw three giant birds all squished into the tiny nest. We couldn't believe that they were the babies! it was fun to watch the mom gather worms and feed them to her babies. It was such a special treat to witness. but that was before the accident...One afternoon we were coming home and we quietly came in the door, and suddenly the birds freaked out! one flew inside our house and the other landed on the deck. I was frantic! Yikes! it creeped me out a bit that there was a wild bird in my house (never mind that I have a Parakeet, that is different) So I called Betty to help me get it out and back into the nest. Meanwhile, the mom is out side flying from tree to tree sort of barking at the babies. It was very strange. As we were safely returning the birds to their nest, they freaked out again and flew back out. it was hopeless, they would not stay in the nest.
I had to leave and so I never got to see the birds safely back in their nest again. It was heartbreaking to hear that mom robin barking for her babies. She kept at it for almost a week. Life can be so cruel sometimes.


Buffy said...

We've had some live birds flying around in my parents house - it is a really weird thing. Sad story about the baby and mama robins.

Whirl Winds said...

Love your blog, pictures, stores etc. How fun. Your girls are so cute and getting so big. Hope you are doing well.

JoDee said...

Oh - this is too funny! I can't believe you talked Dad into keeping the nest there ... must take the doey eyes of a grandaughter to break him.

Celina said...

People should read this.