Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Quirks

okay, so I have a few little quirks. To me these seem totally innocuous, but as I analyze them I have no reasonable explanation and they do seem a little bizarre.
  1. Receipts. I can explain this one. It is genetic. My mother has stacks just like this one. This picture is the receipts that I took out of my wallet when it was too full to snap shut, I am guessing maybe a couple of months worth. the credit card is to show the relative size of the stack. this quirk is to support my second quirk which was also inherited from my mother.
  2. Returns. I like to buy and try. This may seem weird, but I am victim to impulse buys and often when I get home I realize that I don't like the item. Or I buy it out of fear that when I come back it will be gone. this is weird, I know.
  3. I buy shoes that I will never wear. I have about 6 pairs of heels that have only been worn once. I think the problem here is that I buy them because I love how they look, thinking that I will love to wear them. And then, after 10 minutes it hits me, yes, I love red patent leather heels, but no, I don't love pinched toes and hurting ankles. I realize this just in time to throw them back into the closet and slip on my sequined flip flops. ahh that is better. I have got to stop the shoe buying charade.
  4. Magazines. I am addicted, obsessed and yet, overwhelmed. I love magazines, all kinds. There is not one that I will not read. I even have a subscription to "Diabetes forcast" and I don't even have Diabetes! Who cares right? well, they are taking over. I have stacks and baskets of them all over the house. Not only do I love them, but I love them so much that I cannot recycle them! crazy I know. I even save them after I have read them to give to my friends. I give them as gifts. I order them for my husband, who was reluctant at first, but now loves his ESPN mag. The best part is that I rarely pay for them and when I do, I don't pay very much. I do love my magazines. I don't think I am going to give this up anytime soon. That picture is just one stack. I have another basket of old ones in the closet. Shhh don't tell Dan.
I guess we are all a little quirky. Some people save cool whip tubs, others buy things they don't need that are on clearance, whatever. that is what makes us all so interesting.


Trish in Texas said...

Hmmmm...I think I should be the generous receiver of the shoes you toss out when you give up your shoe-buying habit. Especially those red stripper shoes you have there. I think they looked particularly good on me when I wore them for like six minutes. It would force me to buy something sassy, though, and I tend to be a bit prudish. A conundrum, for sure.
I loved reading about your quirks. Great post!

Jessie said...

Does your receipt habit ever make your wallet explode like George Costanza? Funny.

I'm quirky, borderline neurotic, really. I just saw "Lars and the Real Girl" (totally see it, it's weird and wonderful) and it made me realize that everyone is a little nuts, and we all need to just embrace and love each other for it. It really IS what makes life interesting and hilarious.

Nicol said...

It's strange that we all have little quirks. I think it is what keeps us human.

Don't know if you remember me, but I lived Kiddy-corner from Anne in Clearfield before I moved to Salt Lake.

Fun blog and I can't believe how big your girls are!

Buffy said...

I love hearing about your quirks - that is one of the reasons I like you so much!!! Plus I love being a receiver or STAR magazine - I can't remember what my life was like without it. :)