Sunday, September 7, 2008

My first week of school

Last week was the first whole week of all day school for Reagan. This is a cutie picture of her while we waited to get on the bus. She was more than ready to start school. In fact on the first day, she got up right when her alarm went off, got dressed, got her backpack on and came into my room to wake me up all before 7:45. That left us about 45 minutes to wait for the bus. We had a leisurely breakfast and then sat on the curb for about 20 minutes. She loves her new teacher and tells me that all she really does at school is have fun. she also uses the school excuse to try to get out of chores. "uh, mom, I can't really do the silverware, I have been at school all day" nice try. Anyway, she loves it and that really takes a weight off my shoulders. Again, I am waaayy to young to have a kid in school all day. with that said...

this is how I thought my days would be like now that I am down to one kid:
  • wake up and go to the gym. Shower.
  • Go to Ross or TjMaxx to check for deals.
  • Stop by the grocery store for any last minute dinner prep stuff.
  • Call a friend and go to lunch.
  • sit on the porch and read a book.
  • tidy up the house and get a healthy snack ready for Reagan.
This is how my days really go:
  • get Reagan out the door.
  • try to get abbie up without having her scratch out my eyes.
  • get to the gym late, miss my class and wait for a treadmill.
  • run into Costco for milk, loose Abbie at Shopko.
  • Eat a granola bar for lunch.
  • go to the dentist/doctor/bank
  • hurry home to come up with dinner.
  • crash on the couch, pretend to read scriptures and fall asleep while Abbie spills Spaghetti all over the floor.
  • barely wake up in time to see reagan walk in the door.
What you ask... no time to clean, do in depth scripture study, prepare healthy meals, put on makeup and be ready to greet my husband? nope. it seems like I have no more time than before, and now I am noticing all the cute and equally not cute things Abbie does.

But it sure is nice to know that at the end of the day, Reagan is actually learning something.

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JoDee said...

I don't know how I missed this post but it is hilarious. Your posts always make me laugh.

So I'm coming to beg your assistance with our family cookbook. Let me just say of all the recipes I've received, (from mom, Taunna, and Ronda) 9 are chicken/rice varieties. I think I have 2 dealing with ground beef. Please save us from our every-day chicken woes and add some spice into our lives!! You're my only hope! :)