Monday, August 25, 2008

Looks like we made it.

well, we made it 9 years at least. This may not seem like much, but every time an anniversary comes around we are always surprised that it doesn't feel like it has been that long. I suppose that is how a couple can stay married for 50 years.

So what is the perfect gift for a 9 year anniversary?
Traditionally, for the 1st you give paper... hmm, okay.
for the 5th it's wood. I'm not sure what wood thing I would want unless it was a house made of wood.
And for the 9th it's pottery or willow. Okay, another strange one.
How about hot air? Apparently, the list Dan referred to suggested hot air.
So, true to form Dan secretly planned an elaborate and exciting morning filled with hot air.
It was an amazing thing! My very first hot air balloon ride over the Ogden Valley. We met our pilot in Eden at 6:00am Friday morning and we were very excited. After he set off some helium balloons to check the wind, we set off to the Wolf Creek Resort to set up the Balloon. Apparently this was a hands on adventure and we were expected to help. It was very facinating to see the "envelope" unfold and fill up.

After it was all filled and ready to fly, we hopped in an he gassed it up. It was quite a feeling, floating in the sky, it was very peaceful and quiet. I had no idea we were almost 800 feet in the air, until I looked down at our car, that was barely visible. It was a great ride, we even almost hit a roof top. It was a beautiful morning, and a fun adventure.

So here I am looking at these beautiful pictures, thinking about all the amazing, awesome, surprising, one-of-a kind, romantic, and memorable experiences I have had in my life and most of them are because of Dan. He truly has been the most amazing husband a fun-loving girl like me could wish for. Sure, he leaves his dishes in the sink and never makes the bed, (I'm no perfect catch either) but has given me the best gift- 9 years of memories- I hope we can make it many more years because there is so much more I want to experience in this life and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone but him. Dan, Thanks for being such a good match for me and reminding me how to have fun in this crazy world.


JoDee said...

Oh wow! What a neat neat celebration! You guys are such a fun couple - I loved your list of 30 things you've done. I'll have to try that one on my blog - but it won't be nearly as cool as yours. Congrats on 9 years!! We're so glad Dan found you.

Anne said...

happy anniversary! that is an awesome gift. you and dan are so great together. we love being your friends!

Dan and Dee said...

Wow! Happy 9 year Anniversary! It is amazing how quickly time goes by and yet it also feels like you've been together forever when your with your perfect match. A hot air balloon ride! Wow! That does seem like a true Dan thing to do. Always an adventure. How very very fun. Thanks for letting us peek in on you guys every now and then.

Buffy said...

You two are seriously the sweetest and most well matched couple I know. I shouldn't be so surprised at the elaborate activities Dan surprises you with - I guess I just keep thinking he can't out do the last great activity and yet he does! Way to go Dan - it looked like a great way to start the day of celebrating your life together. Happy 9th Anniversary. I can't wait to celebrate our tenth anniversaries together! :)

Jessie said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a cool surprise, that totally sounds like you and Dan. I love it.

We totally saw that balloon at the balloon festival!