Monday, August 4, 2008


This is a game we love to play at our house. It all started when we got our King-Sized bed. let me tell you the tale of the bed, it is almost a 5th member of our family.

You see Dan and I short people, so a King really is quite an unnecessary luxury. When we were selling our home the Realtor just laughed when he saw our bedroom, because there was no room on one side of the bed to walk because it was big and because we had a dresser, an armoire and an elliptical. He obviously advised us to get all the stuff out and switch to a smaller bed. We did, but after the first few nights when we thought it was fun to cuddle... we began to get a little irritated at not having any space to move around. those were a crabby few months. our new place was not much bigger and there was a time when we debated taking the Queen bed with us and storing our wonderful king. Perish the thought! The King bed won and when we moved we squeezed it into our small bedroom and have never regretted it. Good or bad I am not sure yet, the girls (Abbie especially) have learned that the bed is so big that they can sneak in during the night and we usually don't know until the morning. So more often than not, there are three people in my bed. At Christmas time, inspired by a great gift of satin pillowcases (thank you Jod & Brandon) we took the dive and invested in some King Satin Sheets! Let me tell you, this bed is amazing. we have a feather bed topper, on top of a pillow top mattress, satin sheets, satin pillowcases, a down comforter and I even wear my satin PJ's to bed. So now, when I want to roll over all I have to do is move my pinky toe and skadoosh, I'm on the other side of the bed. Does it get any better than this!!???

To justify the celebrity status of our bed we started using it for everything, including a little game we call KABLOOEY. It is basically Dan throwing the girls on the bed or pillows, but over the year it has changed often. It is silly and we all end up laughing at the end. Not a good activity before bed. There you have it. The tale of the King Sized bed-enjoy!


Buffy said...

I love it!! Then you have the Madsen's who are all very tall and large - who squeeze 2 adults and 3 large little boys into a queen size bed for cuddling in the mornings. The cuddling quickly turns to fighting now because everyone is squished and on top of each other. Your bed does sound very luxurious and slick!

Jessie said...

Hahaha- the "skadoosh" part cracked me up.
I long for a King-sized bed. I'm not a sleep-cuddler at all, and I have a wiggly, loud-breathing husband who often wakes me up. One day, we'll have our King bed. In our current place, it would also take up our entire room. We'd bounce from bed to bathroom. I suppose that would be efficient.

Nicole said...

Yes, it is efficient- besides what else is a bedroom for except sleeping?

Anne said...

i love it! i can just see you sliding super fast across the bed. :) you guys crack me up!!

JoDee said...

So glad our pillowcases inspired such a luxury in your lives and such family bonding! I love the pic of Abbie flailing through the air. Too fun. We miss you guys. Out of nowhere yestereday Olivia asked, "Where is Abby? Where did Reagan go?" Hopefully we'll see you in not too long!