Saturday, January 10, 2009

This I know for sure

We have told the story of our own version of the "Griswold Christmas," so many times that Dan and I have the perfect, if slightly scripted banter going now. One night after telling the tale, Dan and I were laying in bed and he commented "you know, the more we tell that story, the less amazing and frustrating it seems." Puzzling, I know. We thought it would take us until next year to be able to laugh about it.

Here are the things that we now know for sure. Make note.

1. Even the most expensive Garmin cannot make up for common sense.

-we learned this when Garmina, that's what we affectionately called her, lead us out into the small towns away from I5 and instructed us to "board ferry" which by our luck was closed that day. Ferry! Are you kidding me!? No, she was serious. Okay, activate common sense now.

2. Hotels can loose power.

-And just like at home, there is a sense of panic when it happens. Unfortunately, in a hotel there are no candles, flashlights, or gas stoves or heaters. But thankfully, there is still a complementary breakfast and a hot, if dark, shower.

3. Snow and Ice is different outside of Utah.

-Now I get why people say it is the greatest snow on earth. In Oregon, they get something called "freezing rain" it makes no sense, but it is capable of cocooning a van in 1/2 inch of ice, and causing huge cities to loose electricity for 3 days and eventually need to call in the National Guard for help.

4. It doesn't matter if you eat at a Zagat rated restaurant or Ihop. If you bring your kids, it will still taste like Ihop.

-Food is not fun when you have water spilled in your lap and have to share everything on your plate with your 3 year old. Sometimes I didn't even remember eating. I would say to Dan, "What did I order?" and he would reply " I don't know, we were to busy hoarking it down to notice." Ahh... family vacations, hoarking down food. sounds awesome huh?

5. Christmas is just as magical wherever you are.

-The girls had a great Christmas and when we talk about it mostly they remember fun parts. And they didn't ever question how Santa found us on the 7th floor of a condo over looking the beach. Santa you are so clever!

6. Simplicity is King

- Our best memories of this holiday were always the spontaneous and simple ones. if you ask Reagan and Abbie they always says their favorites things were riding their new scooters in the halls of the resort, or touching the starfish and anenomes in the tide pools. It's all about simplicity, it is so easy to forget that.

5. It doesn't matter, as long as were together.

-I am surprised how early on in the trip I learned this. Usually it takes me a while to get over my unacheived expectations to see the positive. I can clearly remember as we were leaving our dark hotel room, packing up to "head south" away from the storm and trek our way to the coast and actually start our vacation, looking over at Dan driving and thinking, "You know what, it doesn't matter if we make it or not as long as we're together." How mature of me, right?!


JoDee said...

Good for you guys making it fun-filled despite the Griswold happenings. I'd have a tough time not throwing up my arms in the air and insisting we were doomed for an awful trip. Sounds like you had lots of fun, and what fun memories for you!

Buffy said...

You sound so wise and grown up. You and Dan are great and could make the worst situations fun!

Just dandee said...

Awe. Family vacations. Gotta love them. Good job keeping it fun though. You will never forget it. Great memories.

Jessie said...

Holy crazy trip! Yeah, you're going to LOVE that story in the years to come. It's great!
I had to laugh that just as I was thinking: We should move to the Northwest where the winters are milder - they had these crazy winter storms and flooding. Woops.

Trish in Texas said...

Hilarious! We've had those same lessons about ice storms and ding-dong Garmins. I'm glad you guys had a good time in spite of the setbacks. Great post!

El Jefe said...

That was a great post and you seem to fit in those pictures. Like you're from there or something...

Glad you were able to see the small things. They make everything better.

Except eating out with kids. That is never better. I'm not sure who told every restaurant to buy the same bag of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets from Costco for their kids menu. Mmmmm.