Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Abbie...

Last night at dinner Abbie was wiggling around so much that it was making Dan crazy. Here is the conversation:

Dan: Abbie Sit down.

Abbie: but I don't want to.

Dan: Sit down.

Abbie: Why? it is fun to sit up here. (sitting on the back of the chair)

Dan: Sit down, or you will fall and crack your head open.

Abbie: Will a nut come out?

Yes, she thinks her head is full of nuts. Maybe that is because I am always telling her she is nuts. Who needs brains when you have personality right?

At the grocery store the other day, we had the produce guy laughing from a conversation we were having by the bulk candy. Here is a snippet:

Abbie: is that candy!?

mom: Yes, don't touch it.

Abbie: but I want to. I want some candy.

Mom: Candy isn't good for our bodies, our bodies don't want us to eat candy.

Abbie: Mine does. My body loves candy.

Mom: (not really paying attention) Okay, but don't touch it. We don't need candy and we aren't going to buy any so please stop asking. Would you like a banana?

Abbie: My body says it NEEDS candy not a banana.

So like a good mother, I bought her some candy AND a banana. The banana is still on the counter, the candy is gone. I guess she was right, her body did NEED that candy.

It is funny to think that just 2 years ago, we were worried about her speech delay...


Just dandee said...

Hmmm... who's kid is she? What a personality! Too cute. She is no dummy. At least she is in tune with what her body needs and will make sure that it is taken care of.
I also love the 9 words women use thing. So true, so true.

Jessie said...

My body needs candy too.
I've had very similar "candy isn't a healthy thing to give our bodies" chats with my boys, while simultaneously planning my own sneaky candy-eating retreat.

JoDee said...

Oh Man I love this kiddo! We miss being there to see your kiddos growing up. They've got the funnest spunkiest personalities! Just like their mom and pop.

El Jefe said...

I just saw this. Abbie is my new favorite kid.

My body says I need candy too. And chips. Mostly chips actually.