Monday, April 20, 2009

Healthy Dinner... Not!

This was my mashed potato fakeout dinner. Cool huh! Dan and I rocked the April Fools day this year. First I got Reagan out of bed at 6:00am and told her she was late for school. I had her running around thinking she was going to miss the bus. :-) Then I told her to look at the clock. she said "it's 7:15, do you think they are going to recess???" I laughed because my awesome prank didn't work because she isn't that good at telling time yet. hehehe I still had a good giggle later. She thought it was funny too and couldn't wait to tell her teacher that I had "fooled" her.

I also pranked my mom. I had Abbie call her and told her that she had broken her arm. Grandma of course beleived her because... well because it was Abbie. Then Abbie burst out and said "April Fools Grandma!" it was funny, for me. Grandma was a little bugged.

Finally we spend about an hour making "dinner" we followed the instructions in Family Fun and created "mashed potatoes" from ice cream and caramel, "fish sticks" made of cookies, and "peas" made of taffy. We felt pretty good that our trick would fly, but Reagan was on to us from the start. She said "hey, this smells like ice cream." The second trick was that we said she could eat it for dinner. She was sure we were kidding, but we were serious! She still was not convinced, so we said she could eat some left overs and then eat her "dinner." It was a fun and silly day for me! I think this is my new favorite holiday.


Buffy said...

You are such a good mom - the dinner looked awesome! I love that your girls laugh when you do silly things. I think my boys would just get mad and cry :)

Jessie said...

You guys are the coolest parents ever. Maybe when my youngest is nearing 4, I'll be fun again. Or maybe my fun is gone forever. Either way - reading about YOUR fun helps.

You know, in the picture the only thing that didn't fool me was the peas. Everything else really looks like non-treat stuff. Good on ya, mate!

Whirl Winds said...

How fun are you? I am going to steal these ideas when my girls are old enough. I love that you are both such fun parents.

El Jefe said...

Nice job. And way to serve ice cream for dinner. I'd look forward to April Fools Day a lot more if that were a standing rule.