Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pancake Puppies

We were out on Saturday and were picking up the girls from the my BIL's house and of course we stayed to talk for a while, when we left it was 11:30pm and the girls kept saying how hungry they were. I was ready to drive through Wendy's but as we drove by Denny's he must have read my mind. So we pulled in and were seated by our good friend Kevin ( he was there last time we got a craving for the puppies. We are undecided if he is gay or just super friendly/weird). While we were eating Abbie was looking around and said "Mom, I want to buy that baby." I had her say it again because I thought it was so funny. When I asked her if she would buy a boy baby she said, "No, they are stinky."

I found this little review of the Pancake Puppies (for those of you that don't eat at Denny's after midnight and have no Idea what I am talking about) I don't think I could have said it better.

Foodies enjoy!

There are so many levels of wrong with Denny's Pancake Puppy dessert. The mutant cross between a pancake, beignet, and hush puppy, this delectable treat is addictive in its delicious, oh-so-bad for you simplicity. Crusty, humble fried pancake bites, coated in cinammon sugar and served with warm syrup for dipping, these may indeed be the cruelest thing to come out of a Denny's since...the Denny's.

Damn you, late night diners, and your evil, evil temptations!


Buffy said...

I think i would like those pancake puppies. I had hush puppies for the first time when I went to Santa Fe and I really liked them. So for sure when you add cinnamon and sugar and syrup to dip them in - that sounds delish!

Jessie said...

Ha ha ha. Those look delectable. I used to eat at Denny's after midnight. Now I sneak the Apple Jacks from the back of our cupboard (so that kids can't see them) at 10:00pm, and call it a night.

Buying a baby. Yes, a great idea (says this pregnant lady).