Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crazy-Fun Birthday week

The first week of May is when we decided to celebrate all of our kids' birthdays. Smart, arent we. So, on the morning of May 1st we were 
out of the blocks and well on our way in a birthday party bliss marathon. We woke Reagan up early to breakfast in bed, as per her birthday wish. She also got a new big bike
 a few presents and lots of hugs. 
She was pretty excited to go to school for her birthday dance and spanks from her teacher. I took her doughnuts to share and she was really a celebrity at school that day.

I think her favorite present was a light up HSM shirt. it was my favorite because it was $3.00.

That night we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner because Reagan swears spaghetti is her favorite food. 

We told Abbie we were pretending it was her day too so we could do the major partying on the same night.  After a yummy pasta dinner, we headed to Build-a-Bear workshop. It was fun to watch them, pick out their bears. Abbie decided on a unicorn named Sparkles in about 5 minutes and Reagan took much longer. 

My heart bleeds for her when she has to make a choice because I HATE making choices too. so we were quite a pair... it took us much longer.

The night was so much fun that we strolled through the Gateway enjoying the energy and people out at night. Then Abbie had a meltdown after falling off a metal chair outside Ben's Cookies, so we hightailed it to the van.

Yesterday I took Abbie out with her 2 friends and a cousin to Classic Skating. They played for 3 hours and ate almost an entire large cheese pizza! it was fun to see them having so much fun. 

We wrapped up the week with a cake fest for 3 little birthday girls and lots and lots of singing.It was a great week and fun to have such sweeties to celebrate.
thankfully, I have a 361 days until the next birthday party marathon. Now, if I can just make it through Mothers Day...


Buffy said...

Birthdays are so fun! It sounds like you all had a great week. The little birthday cakes were so cute! Did you make them? Tell the girls we wish them both a Happy Birthday.

Nicole said...

the birthday cakes are courtesy of walmart. $6.88!

Hailey said...

Ahhh... so cute! They have both gotten so big since you moved! I LOVE your cute sweet little girls!!! They are so much fun and FULL of energy!!! I miss having you guys around!!! I went to your old house for a YW activity and it was so sad, because you guys weren't there!!! Say "hi" to your family to me!

JoDee said...

Thanks for sharing the party with us...you are always so thoughtful to include us in the celebrating. It was fun to share the chaos with you! :)