Friday, June 5, 2009

May in a nutshell

So like every other month of May since Reagan was born, it was crazy. Perhaps I just convince myself it is going to be this way so I am prepared for it.

First we had birthdays, which were a lot of fun.

We also got to spend three great weeks with auntie JoDee and Olivia and Baby Ben. Abbie got really attatched to him and kept asking if we could keep him. It was pretty cute.

Then we had graduation for Abbie. It was fun to see her with her friends and teacher.

Then Mothers Day, which was awesome and really should warrent an entire post for itself. Dan was such a sweetie and made me and his mother a 5 course candle light dinner. The food was amazing and we had leftovers for 2 days! he should get a prize or something.

Dance recitals were... interesting. Reagan did great and it was fun to see her dancing again. Abbie had fun. Which I guess is all I could have hoped for. Her attention span is short and dancing does not seem to hold it for long. She did love the flowers that grandma gave her.

and I finished it off with a super fun, relaxing weekend of shopping and pampering with my great friends. This is a picture of our toes post-pedi.
I guess it was a pretty great month... now lets see how June unfolds.

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