Friday, February 19, 2010

Ohno, flying tomato & Vonn

So, I just can't get enough of the Olympics this year! We- Reagan, Dan, Abbie, and I, have our nightly ritual of getting our Olympics fix. Reagan cheers and asks "who do we want to win?" and "who do we hope loses?" the other night she was even chanting USA! USA! when Apollo won the short track Gold and the Koreans went sliding across the ice. It was a proud moment for me. Abbie calls them the "columpics" It is pretty cute. We of course have our favorites just like everyone else.

Lindsey Vonn

Aside from her injuries - apparently she is quite accident prone- I just can't get enough of the raw speed she has! She just sailed down the mountain in terrible conditions while everyone was crashing to win the gold. It is pretty awesome! Of course, if you watch, she does crash too. that is the name of the sport- which is what makes it so fetching cool. I really, really like the crashes... and the wins.
Sean white
This is an easy one. He just plain rocks! I love the air he gets on the half pipe and the cocky, in your face way he does it. His style is captivating and even his wipe-outs are intense. You don't see this kind of adrenaline in the biathalon (cross-country skiing and shooting...) Thank you sean for giving us all the "White Snake" when you didn't even have to.
Apollo Ohno

okay, he is a true rock star of the winter olympics. there is no pretending that this guy shies away from the media or even a little partying. I am totally cool with that. If he got caught smoking something.... I am sure he would just say "yeah, so what." that is what is so cool. His athleticism is amazing and the way he plays the sport makes it impossible not to get caught up in. I love the nudging, pushing, and aggressive nature of short-track speed skating! That is a high intensity race! You could go down at any minute, or sneak in to win the gold. truly awesome.
So, yes, I am a fan. I think I even like the winter Olympics better than the summer. There is so much more intensity, adrenaline and risk taking. These athletes are of a different breed. They thrive on danger, pushing the limits and riding the edge to get a breath-taking run. There are so many variables to account for. Weather, conditions of the track, injuries, new techniques, higher & younger competitors. The competition is so fierce that Sean white has to have a secret half pipe somewhere in park city to develop new tricks. Most of the athletes have only run a certain course a few times. And as we all know, the courses can be more dangerous - even lead to death. I was amazed by micheal phelps, but how often does a swimmer miss out on a gold medal because of choppy or cold water conditions in the pool? does the mat in gymnastics get ruts from the other gymnasts? no, I think not. So set the DVR and spend some time enjoying the rock-star athletes of the 2010 winter olympics. I promise you'll enjoy it.


Jessie said...

Plus, it gives me the awesome memories of when the Olympics were here in UT and I got to go to several free events (including short track - yeah, I'm cool like that).

Buffy said...

Even though the men's figure skating is not the most masculine, or high powered adrenaline rushing sport - it was still fun to see Lysacek beat out the reigning Gold Medalist from the last Olympics - Pleshenko. That was fun to see! I do LOVE all the athletes you said and LOVED watching all those events. The snowboarding tricks were crazy good and the downhill skiing - I hold my breathe while they ski! They are going crazy fast and there were so many wrecks.

Anne said...

ya we are totally addicted! loving the hockey games and snowboarding too. i was sad that gretchen bleiler fell- she was my fav. us woman. but i loved torah's roxy glitter goggles so i was happy she rocked it and won! and i was so happy to see moscow mullet go down!