Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A new year, a new post

Reagan's first REAL pimple- she hated me taking this picture and it didn't even turn out. I wanted to keep trying but she was getting really ticked! awww girls can be so touchy!
Thank you Nintendo DS for babysitting my kids while I take a nap. Don't worry, we have fire alarms. We all wear pj's these days, and pants are completely optional.

I think that getting pregnant really took it out of me! I realized that I posted a comment right before I got that way. So here I am about 33 weeks later bursting with child, still tired, achy, heart-burny and swollen, and I thought it might be fun to get back on-line and update my blog.

After watching Julie & Julia I felt a little narcissistic thinking that people actually cared about what I was thinking or what I liked doing, so I quit posting. I feel like that still, but I also don't want my blog to go into history ending with facts about peeing in the shower and how much feces is in our underwear. I guess until I can think of a better way to end, I might just keep posting here and there.

It also seems that after 33 weeks we have some interesting things happening in our little family.
  • Dan is on track to finish his thesis this month and graduate in May
  • A new baby girl (yet to be named) will arrive next month
  • We bought a house!
  • Reagan will be getting baptized
  • Abbie will be starting kindergarten in the Fall

Yikes! we really know how to pack it in! I will end with a cute picture and hope that no one thinks that I am narcissistic.


Anne said...

yay! lady mama is back!! of course we love reading about what is going on!

Trish said...

I nearly took you out of my google reader lineup one day, but then I thought maybe you'd come back! I'm glad you did. It's great to hear you're getting so close! I'm excited for you! I hope everything goes well. And congrats on the new house and Dan being so close to finishing! Wow, lots going on in your lives. Good luck with everything!

Buffy said...

Even though I see you and know all that is going on in your life - I still like to read about it and look at pictures. You are so funny and I love to read your thoughts on what's going on in your life. I am so excited for all the great things you have coming up so quickly. We are so happy to be living down here again so we can be a part of all the great things happening for your family. I am so excited to see your new house in person, not just online.

Jessie said...

I KNEW IT! I had a feeling your were pregnant. Another girl?! When's that due date, then? March or April?

And puh-lease! No one thinks you're narcissistic. Blogs are such a good outlet for the mommy (and let's face it, we really need outlets or we'll explode). ANd they're meant for bragging about your kids and such. So brag it up and feel great about it. I do know what you mean, though - I have those "No one cares, so why bother blogging" moments too.

But I've missed you! I'm so glad you updated!

Jessie said...

Oh, and where is your house? I'll be needing your new address! (Email me, if you get a minute)

JoDee said...

Yay! You're back! I've missed you! So excited for all the big things coming up: a new baby girl to add to the birthday mix, a new house, a graduated hubby...WHEW! We're so excited for you.

Just dandee said...

Welcome back! I randomly decided I would peek on your family just in case... and... whal-la.. you were back. Congratz on all your exciting news! Lots of big events, baptism, graduated hubby, new house and a new baby! A girl! Of course! They do come in threes I'm told. We're just hoping that they don't come in fours as well. We'll find out what our #4 is next month. :)
Don't worry about being narcissistic, that what blogs are for... YOU HAVE BRAGGING RIGHTS YOU KNOW! Best wishes... keep us all updated!

Anonymous said...

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