Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ahhh, can it be Mother's Day every day?

These are some cute shots from our little mothers day celebration. It was fun and Dad did a good job channeling Reagan enthusiasm. It was a great day with breakfast in bed, adorable little girls and a sweet hubby.


Steve Ballmer said...
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JoDee said...

You look like a major hottie in this pic Nicole: love your mother's day dress! Looks like you were showered with love: glad they made it a good day for you!

Buffy said...

Ah, how sweet! That looks like you had a great Mother's Day. You all look so cute in your dresses! What sweet girls to look pretty and smile at the camera - a little different than my mother's day picture :)

I love your playlist - I have paralyzer and bleeding love on my playlist as well. I do love you big girls you are beautiful song!

Kade has a message for Reagan:
Reagan, I miss you and want to play with you sometime. Maybe we could go to the park and play. I want to come down to your house to have a sleep over. I thought you looked cute in your dress in the picture with your mom. Have a good day.

Trish in Texas said...

Wow, Nicole, you look amazing! I'm glad you had such a nice mother's day. I hope you guys are doing well!