Monday, May 5, 2008

Pony up!

This is one of the awesome benefits to living in Mtn. Green! Your neighbors have ponies! We got all geared up in our cowgirl get-up to have some serious country fun.


Buffy said...

Oh so CUTE!! I love the braided hair and bandanas - they definetely are dressed for the part of pony riders :) Too cute - thanks for posting them - I love to see them, it makes me feel like I live closer to you.

JoDee said...

I love these shots Nicole!! The girls are looking as adorable as ever!

Jessie said...

Hey, my parents are moving to Mt Green in a couple weeks! Crazy world isn't it? That will be a great excuse for us to see you guys more. You'll have to email me your address again. I tried to pull it up on mapquest and it couldn't find it.

Love the pony pics. You're girls are adorable. I can't believe Reagan's 6! You're old! hee hee