Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cards

I really like to send out Cards and every year I ask for addresses. So, if you can read this, I would love your address! would you please email it to me, so i can do my part in wasting our natural resources this holiday season. I saw an article that said we should not use wrapping paper this year.... hmm okay, then what? suggestions. I am always looking for ways to go a little green. you know like khaki or olive. I do bring in my own grocery bags. go me!


Trish in Texas said...

Ummmm, what's your email address?

Bev said...

wrap in Newspaper! (that's what my mom always did...the Sunday comics...pretty typical for my mom)... or used paper grocery sacks. Yeah, I know, talk about LAME for Christmas presents. But green! My fam still does newspaper though... true Oregonians!