Monday, December 15, 2008

On your mark, get set, celebrate!

Talk about squeezing in all the fun possible! We have really been trying. We just wrapped up a super fun weekend with friends, and are heading into "crazy week" this is like dead week before finals, you know when you try to cram everything in before the exams. Well, this is my dead week.

We are heading to Oregon, my home state, to celebrate Christmas this year. Who is there? you might be wondering. If you mean family, no one. If you mean old and great friends, tons! thanks to Facebook I have found them. We are going to have some serious Harward family fun. See my old stomping grounds and spend some quality time by the coast and enjoy our daughterswithout crazy pressure. But to get there.... ahhhh! Crazy week!

Every night we are booked with fun dates with friends and family. We are really trying to squeeze in all the holiday fun we can, and get all the work done too. Here is a sample of my to do list.
  • I have to pack and wrap all of the Christmas gifts, some decorations and other fun things,
  • attend 2 school holiday parties,
  • make some more neighbor gifts, for those unexpected deliveries,
  • get the car lubed,
  • buy snow chains,
  • buy Dan's presents,
  • get MY presents,
  • find things to do in OR
  • tell everyone in OR we are coming,
  • figure out how to use our new Garmin so we don't get lost,
  • and I am sure there is something I am forgetting.
I am hoping I can hang on until Friday when I will have 12 hours of road time to read my latest book, The English Patient. Hopefully Dan won't want to talk much on the trip.


Just dandee said...

WOW. Too crazy. Good luck in your prep and have a very fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jessie said...

That sounds crazy and a half. But I'm betting it will be totally worth it.

Hey, Louie and I are considering the Northwest as a possibility for our next place of residence. Remind me to hit you up sometime for the scoop on the best towns in OR.

Have so much fun! I'm jealous.

JoDee said...

Sounds like FUN!!! I hope its a great get-away for you. You're almost done with your crazy week so get some much needed sleep upon arrival! Have a great time!

El Jefe said...

I just use facebook to find chicks. Chicks like guys with computer skills.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

We're on vacation in Portland...TX. Next to the Gulf of Mexico. 75 degrees, fishing, walks, beach, lounging. It's like heaven on a bun.

Come see us. We'll take you.