Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We've got ourselves a winner here!

Yesterday was round two in the Mountain Green Elementary Storytelling festival competition. An Reagan was one of the 2 winners in the 1st grade level!

It was a very exciting day and fun to see her do well, and feel proud of herself. She entered this competition after much pressure and persuasion from her mother, and look! it paid off!

last year we went to the festival and I fell in love with it. After each of the storytellers finished I kept thinking to myself, "I could do that." and I really wanted to! I haven't been that excited about something that I wanted to do purely for myself for a long time. But Like everything else, I gave up thinking about it.

So, I am basically fulfilling my dream to be a professional storyteller through my 6 year old daughter. So far, I am a winner! is this another perk of having kids? Do we really get to take credit for their achievements? In my defense, I did choose the perfect story for her to tell, and I did coach her on the best way to perform the actions and when to inflect her voice. Does that count for anything?


Erin Larsen said...

Yea for Reagen. I however am a bad Mom and didnt even think about it. The van is getting fixed. It was like 7,000 $ worth of damage but not totaled so in about 10-15 days we should have it back. Now however the driveway totally freaks me out but I'll work through that.

JoDee said...

Yay for you guys! I wish I could have seen it. Did you take pictures/video? Oh I miss being around to see you guys and your adorable kidlets. What story did she tell?

Trish in Texas said...

Well done you! I mean, er, Reagan! Seriously, that's great. Have you ever been to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival down in Orem? It's amazing and wonderful and the best way I can think to spend the last few days of summer in Utah. You should go! Your family would absolutely love it!

Just dandee said...

That totally counts! We have to take credit for some of the amazing thing our kids do in life-right? Congratz to Reagan though for pulling it off. That is really cool.

Buffy said...

So cute - I wish she would have told the story to us this weekend while we were there. We had so much fun staying with you guys. Thanks for being suck great hosts. We are not great house guests - we leave you throwing up! Sorry :( Have a great trip.

El Jefe said...

It was all her. You need to sign on to be her agent though. She'll let you and you could get some cash from the deal.

Way to go, Reagan. What was the story?