Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can we be friends?

Last night was not a typical Tuesday. After dropping of the kids at Grandma G's house we were off to the Hello Katy Concert in SLC. I thought we were way early and I was begging dan to take me to Ben's Cookies nearby to grab an oatmeal cookie before the show (we were virtuous and had cereal for dinner). Thankfully we didn't because when we drove by, the line to get in was over 3 blocks long! I had no idea...

Well, I am still stoked because Katy pointed at me! I know... Awesome. It all happened like this- I was dancing and singing and then she looked right at me, I looked at her and waved my arms madly like a crazy person, then she pointed back and nodded her head. Yeah, pretty cool I know. I think it was her way of telling me she wanted to be my friend. You know we are practically the same age and stuff.

She wore these shimmery silver leggings, a long graphic T/Tunic, a red studded belt and the coolest pair of high heel blue sued booties. It was a fun 80's style outfit. I think dan was hoping she would wear an outfit like the one on the Kissed a girl video... Sorry. But she did change into a full-body leopard cat suit for the encore. It was cool. She got more crazy and bizzare as the show went on and told some funny stories. At one point she bent over into the crowd and let all the crazies touch her hair and... probably everything else.

I had a killer time and danced and shimmied alongside my very tired/stoic hubby. Luckily he does not get embarrassed of me and thankfully, I don't need someone to dance with me to enjoy it. It seems like going to concerts is my new favorite thing.

So, if you read this Katy, yeah, lets be friends. It could be cool. I could teach you things like how to make sugar cookies, knitting scarves, and making crafts at church. And you could take me to meet all your friends, or to the Grammys. We could go to the mall and share a pretzel and then I could show you some of my awesome dance moves in one of your new videos.


Buffy said...

I love that you have so much fun. Dan is a good sport to go along! Katy Perry would totally want to be your friend - if she knew you! :)

Anne said...

love the leopard outfit! glad you had so much fun! i think i hear her calling!

Trish in Texas said...

I must know--what is up with the big yellow banana on stage? Or should I not ask?

JoDee said...

I love that you guys go to such fun concerts. Its great that you enjoy doing that together! I'm sure you and she would be the best of friends.

Hey - tell Dan I ran into Dave Dibble and his wife this weekend. We have common friends that live in Boston and happened to be visiting at the same time. He is living in NY as a real-live artist. Here's his website: