Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doin' the Halloween thing Harward Style

It all began with the stupid FAMILY FUN magazine. I could rant about that mag, but I will save that for another post... Okay, my week begins with a little party at Abbie's Preschool. Of course I am stupid, so I volunteer to make a Halloween treat. Here is what I make. Cute right?

That goes off well, so I venture to a larger more complex goody for our playgroup party ( yet another stupid thing I volunteered for) And This is what I created. Cute huh, a chocolate cupcake with dirt and worms. Yeah me!

Now, you should note, that at this point in the week, I am really getting overwhelmed and a bit crazed. I am not good, nor very natural at creating baked and decorated snacks. These snacks did not come easy and my demeanor is beginning to show it. At the play-group party I am a mad woman. Things do not go well. There is Orange icing smeared on the floor, 23 uneaten chocolate dirt and worm cupcakes still on the tray, one in the trash and about 20 spider crackers on the tray, children running in the parking lot, ripped costumes, torn decorations, and some happy chatty moms. I however, am fuming inside! Not one of my cupcake creations got eaten! I spent way too much time making the fetchers and not one! oooohhh, but the entire box of powdered donuts is licked clean! AHHHGGHH! So take that Family Fun! I am now buying all my treats at the hostess outlet! Okay, I really want to eat some chocolate right now... Unfortunately, I am on a ridiculious diet that does not allow chocolate, even for medicinal purposes. So I have to sit in the dark for 10 minutes until I can come down from my frenzy.

Okay, after the party was cleaned up and over, the day got progressively better. We went to an assisted living place with the girls to Trick or Treat and then hit the streets to earn ourselves some candy! It was a little rainy, but we had a ton of fun. Abbie was cute, singing and talking to all the people and Reagan loved all the attention. Dan sneakily ate candy so as not to tempt me, and I sneakily ate candy so as not to get busted cheating. So, It was a super fun/super crazy day. Typical Harward style.


Anonymous said...
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JoDee said...

Ok - I don't know about that Andy guy ... suspicious ...

Anyway - I totally would have gone for one of your cute cupcakes. So frustrating to put that much time into something you take and not have people eat it. Nonetheless I'm super impressed with your adorable treats, and your very cute costumes for Halloween. I was so lazy with Olivia - I'm really going to have to bump up my effort next year when she knows better.

Erin Larsen said...

hey i had fun at your party and i apprciated all your hard work, i didnt even do anything so once again i owe you. you rock girl im so glad you are my friend!!!!

El Jefe said...

Nicole, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. And you know this about me. I would have eaten all of your cupcakes. That's just the kind of giving person I am.

Maybe they looked too realistic. That would be a compliment, right?

It all sounded fun.


Jessie said...

Dig the ghost-busters costumes! I may have to borrow those sometime. And I kept meaning to invite you guys over for donuts. I just got side-tracked too many times - sorry! Consider yourselves invited for next year.
I love the sneaky eating. I SO do that.
I also hate the pressures of making cute treats. I can only promise the delicious part, not the cute part.

Man, your girls are adorable! Good luck dieting with the holidays coming up. Worst. Time. Ever. (dieting-wise)

Buffy said...

I am so impressed with your cute/crafty halloween treats and not once but twice!!!! (notice the 4 exclamation points) Your costumes looked great - I love that you and Dan dress up with the girls. What fun parents they have. Abbie and Reagan look adorable as always. I love Reagan's cowgirl pose and Abbie looks so cute in that costume - it is so perfect for her. Good job picking them. I miss you guys!

Anne said...

you guys look awesome! and the treats- well i would have eaten them all. as always, you are the queen of delicious desserts. lets get together soon!