Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go Pioneers!

On occasion, I find myself in possession of groceries that I would not normally have in my kitchen. It is a blessing and a curse. Okay, it's a regular Thursday night. The fam is sitting around after dinner chilling out and Reagan is doing her homework, and I decide to clean out the fridge. In the back, disguised as milk is a gallon- yes, I said gallon, of heavy whipping cream. Strange, I know. So I think, what am I going to do with this???
I could:
A. Make a vat of Alfredo sauce to feed the neighborhood. Uhh, not diet friendly and wayy to tempting.
B. Make whipped cream- but I can't eat pie or ice cream sundaes, so that is out.
C. wait for it to go sour and throw it out... hmmm too wasteful.
D. Make butter. Yes! that sounds like fun, and butter stores right?? we could use my homemade butter for Thanksgiving! I could be like a modern pioneer! Let's do it!

Okay, remember when you made butter in elementary school by shaking the jar of cream for eternity? I decided to use a mixer instead. It still took 20 minutes! I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. But finally, voila! Butter. What I didn't know it that you have to squeeze it, wash it, and dry it. I had no idea about all of this, or how much butter I was going to end up with. So here I am with my butter masterpiece. For those of you who know me, this is as close as I want to ever be to being like a pioneer! It took me about an hour to make all this butter. I am estimating it is about 8lbs, but now I have silky soft "buttery" smooth hands and enough butter to last until Obama has taken over the planet. yea me again. I cannot blame Family Fun magazine for this one. I had this idea all by myself.


Jessie said...

Sweet, sweet buttery goodness. I've never made butter, it looks kind of awesome, and super fresh and soft. Mmmmm. I'm pretty sure I would have made something horribly naughty and never thought of the butter idea. Good call.

El Jefe said...

Butter should be it's own food group. With salt. And popcorn. It will be the popcorn food group. And you should have 10 servings a day. I'm sure it's good for something.

Guess what we're having for Thanksgiving this year. Cajun theme: corn bread casserole, sausage stuffing, and...turducken. And a deep fried turkey. I'm pumped.

Anne said...

as usual, i'm so impressed with your mad skills. that's awesome!

Buffy said...

I am speechless - seriously you made butter! AMAZING!! I would have never thought of doing that, and since I went to elementary school in Driggs, ID we did not learn how to make butter. :) How do you dry butter?