Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin patching it.

To get back to our roots, we took the 30 minute trip to J&J to partake of the "Free pumpkin and a hayride" thing. Unfortunately we chose the coldest and the busiest night in October. Man, it was freezing! We waited for about 1 hour and finally picked out the pumpkins as the clock struck 9:00. It was a late night, but part of our little family tradition.

Of course, there is the carving event also. We carved our pumpkins right before Halloween to help get the house all spookied up (as Reagan likes to say.) It was Dan's Idea to make a throw-up pumpkin, so we all had a turn holding the pumpkin puke! yeah, for a silly hubby.

One of our neighbors commented that we had "one sick pumpkin on our porch.


Buffy said...

Very creative on the throw up pumpkin!

Whirl Winds said...

Love your blog. Seriously so fun to read and see what you are doing. What the heck-- you are like the most creative/fun/outgoing/ person I know. I love the barfing pumpkin. And Halloween, where did you get those costumes? So cute.